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Design Sprint: Homepage

Objective: To present the best homepage for the best customer experience


Antiquated objectives by stakeholders including merchandising and marketing create a long laundry list of value propositions for the customer. Finding a balance on what to showcase initially and risking lost opportunities demanded a design sprint that would help determine which direction to take. 


  • I participated in creating the winning prototype for the initial sessions which also meant refining each iteration thereafter. 

  • Utilizing part UGC and inhouse creative, we were able to replace homepage top hero banners with more diverse demographics. 

  • Featured categories were narrowed down to the top 4 most utilized and presented in section 2. 

  • Refined the appearance of color swatches, allowing more accurate presentation of the woodgrain swatch and also tested the order of preference. 

  • Also narrowed down to the top 2 value propositions that would be important for the users' first impressions. 

  • Focused intent on the applied filters passed the hamburger menu

  • Personally running moderated tests to discover more weaknesses within the prototype as it evolves.

Further Consideration: 

Still in multiple rounds of testing and reiterations, proving that color is the least of our worries. We find significant preferred variables between geographic location and sex of the users, so utilizing a tool such as Reflection to serve up more personalized experiences proves to the be a realistic option. 



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