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3rd Party Integration: Reflektion

Objective: Integrating a third party tool called Reflektion on one of our widgets, the YMAL - You Might Also Like carousel. 


  • No design system or pattern library to pull from

  • Navigation arrows were tucked away in the desktop & tablet views. 


Created a scaleable object & pattern library to be able to recreate screens in a pinch. I Abstract for version control and shareable libraries and used Anima to properly pin molecules to their parent containers. 

Research: ​

  • Surveyed & collected for pain ques when meeting with merchandising and business analysts to relieve any outstanding needs while delivering designs to the 3rd party vendor.

  • Able to uncover other areas for improvement as we look under the hood (i.e. colorway swatch display in the product tile, and pagination stagnancy)


Able to produce & deliver a carousel in 4 different breakpoints while leveraging a design system for the record. We also massaged a few pain points, such as the pagination of the carousel into a mobile friendly interaction (allowing swipe navigation instead of microscopic arrows). 

Further points of discussion:

This is a good example where we've taken what was going to be a simple deliverable into an exploration and testing round for a better outcome than originally scoped.

Further evolving the design to allow a visible navigation system: Arrows offset from the carousel.

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