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Campaigning for User Research

Testing Users of Virtual Try-On (even with Clip-ons!)

I assisted with developing & running user tests, with a combination of moderated and unmoderated to cover topics like Virtual Try-On: Clipons, a moderated Mobile HP test (click to see the research), and a continuously providing competitive market scans covering roughly 6 competitors at time while honing in on different areas of focus. These immersive exercises help us dive. into user psychology, business needs, and competition for the business and only hope that helped break the ice with future, ongoing automated user testing and our team.


Successfully, this helped inspire HR for more personnel requisitions to hire a Senior Researcher and team potential.


In my research, I've defined 6 hallmarks of pulling user data and I used this guide to publish my findings:  

  1. Define the problem

  2. Select the approach

  3. Plan & prepare for the research 

  4. Collect the data

  5. Analyze the data

  6. Report the results

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 10.28.32 AM.png

As with any published online page, Virtual TryOn offers many benefits because you can track so much data from a session and also pull that data to create better products for the future.

FireShot Capture 022 - Sunglasses Clip-On Sets - Zenni Optical -

We ran an unmoderated study with 10 participants on their computers to answer the following research questions on their FIRST impression of the site: 

Launch URL:

  1. You have been taken to a new page. Browse around this Clip-on Sets product category page and talk through how you would shop for glasses.

  2. How has your experience been so far? [w/Verbal Response]

  3. If you haven't already, please use the virtual 'TRY ON' feature to help you find a clip-on set you would consider purchasing.  Talk through the process. [Verbal Response]

  4. Did you complete the task successfully? [Success: Yes, No]

  5. Overall, this task was: [Rating Scale: Very Difficult to Very Easy]

  6. Do you prefer using the virtual try-on feature from the product category page or the product detail page?

  7. Did you 'Create a Try-on' of your own? Explain. [Verbal Response]

  8. How would you like to see the glasses clip-on set when using the virtual try-on feature? [Multiple Choice]

  • Clear, without the sun clip-on

  • Tinted, with the sun clip-on

  • Both, with the ability to choose Clear or Tinted

  1. Would you have liked to see more clip-on lens options? Like color tints & mirror finishes? [Verbal Response]

Screener Questions: Filtering Participants
  1. Do you wear prescription glasses?

  2. Have you ever purchased prescription eyewear online?

Other factors include: Male vs Female, country, age, family, budget and occupation to fit each of our personas. This expanded our research to over 25 tests to screen.  

Sneak Attack

While user in in session, we might as well see what else they are interested in, I included other marketing based questions to the test to help define & demystify our audience in roundtable talks with the executive team.
(i.e. Do you look for non branded frames when shopping?  Where did you hear about us? ) 

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 11.25.59 AM.png
Top Findings

People are more apt to launch virtual tryOn from a PDP; and if they are able to tryOn a PDP, they won't necessiily want to create and upload a try on session due to privacy concerns and sheer convenience.

Accuracy OCR for Prescriptions


I've assisted in the quality assurance testing & reporting for Infrrd's prescription scan intake application for the development team's Proof of Concept using TypeForm for intake of the feed. The potential of this 3rd party integration would allow a user to. scan their prescription for the order process. This survey consisted of getting users to open up the prototype, scan their prescription and assessing whether or not the scan had errors. We included in the survey, key insight questions that would help garner interest of the project.  


We occupied submitted prescriptions from Customer Service and processed around 204 scans. We also had some of the team members use their personal & family prescriptions.



We saw an average of 17.5% (general mean) of reported inaccuracies throughout the data; with an emphasis of 33% of errors in the intake of the PD, or pupillary distance which is a critical for the order process. 



We could not pursue further exploration into the proposal. But at least we know there is headway in precise delivery & acceptance of OCR technology. 

Future Potentials

Customer Activity or Just the Need to Track:


  • Categories, patterns and/or most viewed

  • Filters, Which ones are used the most, 

  • How long is spent before applying a filter in a session


  • Most clicked on detail tab

  • Reviews: 

    • What sort feature is used the most? 

    • Which are used at all? 

My Account

  • Quantify who has entered a prescription

  • Virtual Try On

    • How many saved VTOs

    • How many different PDs recorded (to track family or friends under one account)

  • Wishlist


  • Upsells

  • Crossells


  • Canadian stats

  • Switch country mode

Global Navs

  • Header 

  • Footer

Landing Pages

  • Kids Page 

    • Where are people clicking on the most? 

    • What is the most popular?

    • What is the most revenue generating? 

    • Age groups: Are people buying infant sized glasses? 

    • What sexes are people 

  • Blokz LP

  • RAF


Customer insights:

Key / average demographics - Age, gender path

Opportunities: IE, what are the most commonly purchased: sizes, colors, shapes

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