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Typographical engineer whisperer with a penchant for strategy, accessibility, & full cycle user testing while creating playbooks for streamlined execution to the customer.


I'm a digital maven with a history of building & maintaining successful companies. I've been trained to be a corporate attaché by using a holistic inspection & enforcing human centered values in the welcome of the solution. I've worked side by side senior VPs, assisting in strategizing small steps to push a huge project forward, keeping in alignment with potential roadblocks and pivoting amongst shifting timelines, remaining cool, calm, & collected under pressure.


I pull rabbits out of hats for the most difficult obstacles. My goal is to be able to find the baseline amongst the chaos for true growth. 


I strive to create a positive and growing culture to ensure that the best, most efficient machine will shine through the product. To get to the root of the problem, I like questioning everything while finding and confirming priorities. I love facilitating an exploration discovery to allow a creative flow in a safe mess hall of discovery. Then, either calling in support to execute if I cannot do it alone; creating playbooks, templates, & design systems along the way. Finally, looking back and dialing into performance and tweaking levers and organisms we can publish together a bible of best practices.


I truly believe you don't have to work a million hours to make a positive impact. My current projects include leading ADA compliance, helping assess user reviews & account profiles, and the post purchase/account sign on experience.


Former clients for design include: Restoration Hardware, Foster Farms, Toto, ModCloth, Modeling agencies, SchoolA, and VerticalResponse. 


Former clients for sourcing & recruiting include: Apple, Network Appliance, Intuit, Microsoft, AMD, and Google. 

Former clients for administration & technical support:
Volt Technical Resources, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, and the Thomson Corporation

In my downtime, I enjoy extended learning, neurosciences, natural sciences, space, bodywork, feng shui, creating, painting, dance and novel music production. 

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