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Case Study:
Refer a Friend 

Objective: To refresh the Refer a Friend page to a cleaner aesthetic and workflow. 


  • Customers were able to stack coupon codes in the code, so the workflow had to be cleaned up.

  • No limit on recipients

  • Customer has to copy and paste code into the coupon field

  • No indication of used coupon codes

  • No click tracking

Limitations by Social Annex: 

We could not enhance the refer a friend experience by adding a unique public link for the user to copy & share. 

Also could not combine confirmation texts to recipient. 


  • Cleaned up the userflow with validation checkpoints

  • Improved coupon validation with backend: Created status states with coupons to Sent, Unlocked, & Redeemed

  • Consolidated First & Last Name field entry into one

  • Add RAF log to the My Account>Gift Card Amount section for clarity to the customer (and to marketing dept)

Further points of discussion:

To wean ourselves away from 3rd party integrations like Social Annex and bring code cleanup inhouse to allow more control and autonomy to our data. 

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