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Figma: Components

Creating a good library for others to take on is a self fulfilling prophecy because it helps make production FLOW! I've considered and created using Adobe cloud, creating email templates and colour palettes. After that, I recreated it using our newest design app, Sketch while using our own stock imagery for high fidelity mockups before ultimately landing in Figma. 

In post production, I help and strive to set global brand standards and police assets for SEO optimization in nomenclature, file size, and ADA compliance using  I respect and welcome APA or MLA formats when including humanistic copy. 

Improvising the Ledger

When it comes to laying it all out, this is a team effort on creation & maintenance. I found that still working with the global styles within headers and gathering all instances was important to familiarize the brand. Below you can see how I helped add on even the knockout white icons to still demo it to whomever is using our library. 

text icons

Designing to Fail

My team had a big ask for some icons so I just gave it a shot to deliver these in a few days for FPO only. We ultimately tested these against the requisition just in case there was a chance and I lost the battle with a near mss but thought it was worth showing anyway.  

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 3.14.39 PM.png

Creating Component Legend

Here's where we included an itemized, yet visual ledger so that our PM could relay this in the requirements of the project, all in the design file so that no one had to rely on the prototype to see active or rollover states, and variations could be referenced - no matter WHO breaks the file. It happens! (At least it happened to us during the big update)

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