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Using Dry Erase boards to express our design submissions


Testing with Optimizely

Objective: To test different approaches to the filters & views interface, while elevating the virtual try-on opportunity to the user. 


  • Designer accepted challenge prematurely without consulting other teammates on submitted design. 

  • No indication of research of customer journey

  • Proposed design variations was vetoed by the business team since they were vague & harried. 


Left panel iterations were not explored by a teammate so we wanted to run a quick design huddle to present some iterations to test to our audience that followed the lean design sprint process.


  • We ran a competitive analysis focusing on the GUI elements desktop & mobile positioning and hierarchy of needs.

  • We explored our own user journeys with amazing ContentSquare tool to find where stagnancy was prominent; this being the right hand side of the screen and no mutually agreeable hypothesis for mobile. 

  • Noteworthy Contribution: Have on hand dry erase boards for individual submissions of the design. I bring these to all brainstorms & kickoffs in case there's an itch for visual interpretations. 


Able to produce & deliver three solid designs for testing within the Optimizely tool in a polished and unified direction for submittal. Outcome is still under review. 

Further points of discussion:

I enjoy critique and allowing an open space for constructive feedback on a minimal time constraint. This is a great example where I've pulled back onion a bit further on a Red Herring project while still honoring the Lean design sprint process in a 2 hour time-span before lunch. This allowed the designer to produce iterations by EOD. 

We all have bigger fish to fry but if we don't give time and attention to the minutia then we work double the time on what would have been a quick submittal.

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